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December 2, 2017

Pool is super fun, right? Actually, it depends. People generally can be divided into two types: those who enjoy active leisure and can’t sit still in one place, and those who prefer to relax on the couch or not IN but NEXT TO the pool with a peanut drink, while sunbathing in the same time. Obviously, most of us belong to the other type, but what if your other half is completely different?

If your girl, even as sexy as the beautiful TS VR Porn star, Eva Paradis, will want to move her body in a way a bit different than your favorite (if you know what we mean ;)), when you want to just rest and relax – then what? You will have to make a compromise!

The sun is shining bright, and you are happy to be able to rest at your swimming pool as you soothe the damp air and you can dip your feet in the water from time to time. After a while, your beloved Eva appears and immediately seems to have some different plans from yours. The girl enters the pool and starts swimming, a minute later trying to get you into the water as well, so you would move with her a little – God, what is she thinking?! Can’t she see that you’re resting? You don’t want to go swimming or do any physical activity right now, unless…

Eva has a plan, though: the girl starts slowly undressing in front of you, revealing her huge breasts, firm butt and beautiful penis, and then says to you: “You can do whatever you want if you come in the water with me.” NO! You will not give up and you won’t succumb to her feminine charms! You have decided that you are resting today and you will not change your mind. Even if your cock is already hard under your boxers, you’ll not let her persuade you.

The girl is a rather observant person, so she notes easily that your swimsuit has become swollen. This view made her horny and… did the girl fall into her own trap? Eva immediately kneels before you even though you haven’t stepped into the water, she unzips your pants and starts giving you head. You watch, as she is getting harder and harder and her beautiful cock is getting more and more noticeable between her legs – you know well that she’s always been excited when your penis was growing in her mouth.

After a while, the girl can’t stop herself anymore, so she sits on you and starts riding you, moaning and groaning while doing it and masturbating at the same pace as she’s jumping on your swollen donger. Shortly after, Eve can’t stand it and cums on your belly, which turned you on even more and made you jizz with your hot load inside her anal as well. Now you have at least an excuse that you are really tired, so you can’t really go swimming, but you’re sure that she’ll try again in a moment, anyway… It is cool that this sexy Shemale VR Porn star is so athletic, but she could finally give up!

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