Angelina Torres is Thinking of You in 4K 360°!

date_range November 23, 2017

What kind of Shemale VR Porn stars is your favorite? Blondes? Brunettes? Redheads? The ones with fake boobs or those with natural ones? Well, in VRBTrans we love all these beautiful women, but in today's film we pay homage to these natural ones. Big breasts after surgery have their pluses and are giving boners to many men, but there is something in these natural titties, which is exceptionally appealing. Could it be the way they feel in touch? Maybe because how they bounce when the girl jumps on your dick? Whatever the reason, Angelina Torres, our sexy all-natural blonde trans woman is waiting for you and your prick in the latest TS VR Porn scene from VR Bangers! "Thinking of you" is our latest movie, where, which is quite self-explanatory, aforementioned Angelina Torres is thinking of YOU! This girl is the type of woman who simply loves the idea of satisfying other men, so it's no wonder that her beautiful dick is getting hard from the very thought of what you could do together. Angelina is not stupid and well aware that you will watch her with your penis in hand, while thinking about her beautiful female body, which is an additional stimulus for her and excites her even more! So put your VR goggles - whether you have the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, GEAR VR or some other headset - and let the Angelina relax you in her newest solo masturbation scene! The film begins at the stairs, where Angelina stands in a black blouse, through which you can see her wonderful breasts. The girl snatches her tight ass straight to the camera, giving herself a few smacks and pulling her stingy tits from under her blouse to play with them in front of the camera. Moments later, the girl starts sensually undressing until she finally reaches her not-so-little treasure hidden in her panties - her beautiful dong! Just thinking about what you could do together now makes Angelina get gingerly hard. She spits on her hand and starts massaging her swollen testicles and more and more gore-filled penis, looking straight into the camera lens and making eye contact with her every viewer. The girl is playing with her penis, jerking off increasingly faster and more aggressively. The whole atmosphere makes Angelina extremely horny, so she can’t stop moaning and groaning, which is spreading throughout the apartment. The young vixen plays with her penis for some time more, while caressing her full testicles and jutting titties in a mesmerizing show which would lead every Shemale loving man to an orgasm. After a few minutes of masturbation, young Angelina finally cums on her stomach, picking up her hot load with hands and licking her fingers. Once again, she looks deep into the camera as if she knew that you too had just jizzed. If you never liked solo masturbation scenes, then today you should become a fan of them, because Angelina Torres gave us a show, which none of us will soon forget! Want more such videos? Visit regularly! Watch Angelina Torres’ TS VR Porn Videos!