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As someone who is Trans, it’s nice to see a site that actually treats trans people with dignity and also understands the powerful libido that cisgender people seem to lack. I mean, so many sites are either saying nasty things about us, or trying to put us on the least sexy kind of pedestal. It’s great to see VRB Trans finally getting it right for everyone. E. Vangela
I guess you could say I’m trans curious. I mean, I haven’t ever had the chance to be with someone who is trans… I live in a small town and all so the possibilies are kinda thin. For me VRB Trans is a way to virtually experience what it would be like and I gotta say… im thinking about traveling more now! Emma R.
So many sexy trans performers. How do they find them all. I mean, yeah the VR stuff is grand and all but what makes this site sing is the sexy ladyboys they keep adding every week. I had no idea a site could update this often with so many different shemales worth seeing. Keep up the great work boyz! – Kim M.
If you don’t have a headset you do need to get one before you join this site. I mean you can kinda watch it without one but not really. When I first signed up I didn't have a headset and I was like WTF is this… then I figured it out and with a headset its freaking awesome. So don’t be like me, get a headset first and you will love this site as much as I do now. John R.
I love trans pornstars and seeing women with big dicks having sex. – Donald Trump
if you haven’t tried VR yet for anything else, you may want to try it on something less intense first. I mean it really does make you feel like you are right there in the middle of all the sex. Theres cum everywhere and cute trans sex symbols sliding all over you. Some may want to warm up with a video game or something first… but when you are ready, there is nothing sexy than the VRB Trans girls in action!