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How to add our sites?

Two easy steps:
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  • Quick jump to the next position or the "pop shot".
  • "Panic mode" in case somebody walks in on you.
  • Watch in the highest quality at 4K, 5K, 6K, 8K 3D 60 FPS.
  • Download and watch videos offline.
  • Advanced settings: Camera Position and Color.
  • No VR headset? No problem! PLAY'A App works without it on desktop and mobile.
Playa App at Samsung S9
Free VR Porn App

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Introducing the PLAY'A - your #1 virtual reality app for shemale VR porn movies. The brand-new version of this application features an entirely new user interface and VR environment. Thanks to its timeline option, it is now possible to skip the intro and browse to your favorite position with the chosen tranny VR pornstar - as well as to quickly jump into the "pop shot" moment to get straight to the most anticipated moment of every shemale VR porn scene. PLAY'A allows you to mess with the settings like tilting, scaling, height, aspect ratio, and even color adjustment - meaning brightness, contrast, and saturation - of a chosen TS VR porn experience, giving you a chance to adjust it exactly to your preferences.

Supports All VR Technologies

The app boasts or realistic head tracking technology, so all the aforementioned features can be set-up with convenience and in an easy, straightforward way. All of our shemale VR porn scenes watched through the app are available in the highest acquirable virtual reality resolution - meaning going up from 4K, through 5K, and even 6K ultra-high-definition in smooth 3D 60 FPS.

Completabele with All Headsets and VR Platforms

The movies are separated by sexual positions and categories of shemale VR porn that they apply to, allowing you to watch them both online and after downloading to your VR device. Naturally, PLAY'A also supports the 3rd party tranny VR sex videos in 180/360 degrees 3D up to 8K UHD - and all of that is possible even if you do not have a VR headset, as the app works both with the desktop and mobile devices. There is also a "Panic mode" for those who can't be sure of their safety during their sessions with TS VR porn - we have thought about pretty much everything and this indeed is one of the best VR players in the entire world, and definitely, the only one you need for your shemale VR sex scenes.

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You do not have to believe our words and you can just check it all on your own - our proprietary VR porn app, PLAY'A, is available for download to any of your devices completely free of charge, and you can now mess with all these premium features for free while enjoying our shemale VR porn movies in the way better than ever before. We know how to produce top-quality trans VR porn videos and we used that knowledge to make an even better app guided by our expertise - get these VR goggles running and have a blast with PLAY'A for free here and now!