Trans VR Porn on Oculus Rift and Rift S

Add as a website. Get the tissues, put the headset on and enjoy.

Video Specifications

Maximum expected video specs 6144x3072 60FPS 180º stereo.

Viewing Options

Downloaded videos could be played locally, streamed in browser with WebVR player.

  • Maximum video
  • Viewport
  • Field of View
  • Display Resolution
    1280x1440 per eye

VRB Trans Review:

  • Improved graphics
  • Low light room support
  • Old platform
  • Content
  • Visual Quality
  • Variety

VR Porn Videos for Oculus Rift S

access_time 00:43:45
access_time 00:49:25
access_time 00:56:30
Starring: Grazyeli Silva
access_time 00:45:22
access_time 00:30:23
Starring: Emma Rose
access_time 00:36:17
Starring: Ariel Demure
access_time 00:39:52
Starring: Brittney Kade
access_time 00:32:40

Watch Shemale VR Porn Videos on Oculus Rift in 360 and 180 Degrees

Enjoy one of the first Virtual Reality headsets available - meet the Oculus Rift! Thanks to the Rift's advanced display technology, it's precise "constellation" tracking system and brand new Touch controllers, you will be able to dive into 3D TS VR Porn movies deeper than ever. All VRB Trans videos are fully optimized with the Oculus Rift's technology, so watching them will give you an immersion level like you've never experienced before - and shemale VR Porn is not the limit!

Naturally, watching VR Bangers' ultra high-definition shemale VR Porn videos is just one of the many possibilities offered by these goggles - you can always play your favorite VR game, watch an immersive VR 60FPS film or socialize with your friends thanks to the Virtual Reality technology. Enjoy the 90Hz refresh rate, 110° field of view and 2160x1200 resolution and rediscover your tranny desires with VR Porn for Oculus by VR Bangers shemale.

Thanks to its straps and detachable headphones with 3D audio effect, headset is fully adjustable and will satisfy even the most sublime tastes. Due to the high quality of audio and video offered by Oculus Rift, these goggles have certain requirements that your computer must meet - you will need 8 GB+ RAM, Windows 8.1 or newer operating system and HDMI 1.3 input to plug the Rift in. There are also some other hardware requirements, but don't worry about them - all you have to do is download the app from the Oculus' website and it will help you customize your hardware to use goggles for Virtual Reality Porn and other purposes.

There's also another special app, our trans Player, which you can download to watch all your favorite VR videos in an application customized to your Rift. Oculus Rift technology is used to make maximum use of the true stereoscopic (both 360 degrees and 180 degrees) virtual reality 3D videos available in 4K-8K UHD on VRB trans website, so you can enjoy their high quality and feel as if you were really there - experience the transsexual VR Porn like never before!