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TS Foxxxy is a hot shemale porn star who is a chick with a dick. At first Foxxy thought she was gay, but soon she realized that she was actually a woman, and was lucky enough to start to realize that dream when she turned 18. Luckily her family was very supportive and she still has their acceptance even with the development of her hot career. Foxxy got into the biz because she was a dancer at a club in Las Vegas when the AVN festival rolled into town. She saw all these hot shemale pornstars, directors and more hanging out at her club and she was curious about who all these hotties were. She met the producers for two big tranny sites and they immediately recruited her to be one of the top chicks. At first she did some photo shoots and solo videos but as soon as she got comfortable, Foxxy was doing it all! One thing that Foxxy is known for is being a really nice and down to earth person in general. She can get along with just about anyone and everyone in the biz has a great appreciation for her sunny attitude. She is super hot and stands 5 feet 2 inches and weighs about 114 pounds. Foxxy is a great gal who looks even better when you can see her in this 4K shemale VR Porn Video with your personal headset. Imagine a beautiful chick with a hot dick who will do whatever you fantasize about and you will be able to feel like you are really there. The realistic aspect of virtual reality is second to none, and our 180 degree sex movies will make you forget your reality for a few moments. Take a break and relax with Ms. TS Foxxy for a good time - you're gonna love it, we are sure of that!

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