Alice Duarte VR

Alice Duarte VR Pornstar
Birthday: June 10
Height: 1.70
Weight: 57
Shoe Size: 8
Tatoos: Yes
Piercings: Yes
Country of origin: Brazil
Place of Birth: Brazil
Ethnicity: Latin
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Career Status: Active

Shemale VR Porn with Alice Duarte

Starring: Alice Duarte

Alice Duarte's Biography

Alice Duarte became one of the professional trans pornmodels  for several reasons—but mostly because she loves having sex! This 24-year-old skinny vixen is one of those cute t-girls with hybrid bodies made of tempting feminine shapes and a tasty big cock hidden down her slutty panties. Are you ready to wear your VR goggles and discover it in up to 8K ultra-high-definition virtual reality? She's waiting for you at VR Bangers Trans as we speak!

Since this Latina TS VR porn star comes from sunny Brazil, her red-hot temperament can be seen at almost every turn—and she is one of those people who can't sit still even for a short while. During her two-year professional career in the TS VR porn business, she's produced so much content with so many producers we can consider ourselves lucky that she found a moment for one of our latest releases.

However, once we managed to recruit her, as usual, we decided to talk to her for a while and learn a few things about this blonde TS VR porn model. For example, Alice told us that her biggest sexual fantasy is to have sex during an orgy with ONE HUNDRED other people. She's always been imagining herself in the middle of such a massive sexual revelry—but even though it sounds kinky as fuck, arranging something like that is hardly doable in real life.

Furthermore, the girl thinks that she gives the best blowjobs in the biz, and from all kinds of trans VR porn videos, she prefers the BTG ones—which stands for boy/trans/girl combination, our favorite kind of a regular threesome with a twist. Would you like to see her in one of those at VR Bangers Trans? You know it's not a problem for us, so... who knows? Just let us know which cisgender pornstar you'd like to see together with her. ;)