Bailey Paris VR

Bailey Paris VR Pornstar
Birthday: September 3
Height: 193
Weight: 69
Shoe Size: 9
Tatoos: None
Piercings: None
Country of origin: Germany
Place of Birth: Munich
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Redhead
Career Status: Active

Shemale VR Porn with Bailey Paris

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Starring: Bailey Paris
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Starring: Bailey Paris
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Starring: Bailey Paris
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Starring: Bailey Paris
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Starring: Bailey Paris
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Bailey Paris's Biography

Bailey Paris (aka Bailee Paris) is one of the hottest Shemale VR Porn stars out there. She is one of those ladies with that unique class and style that will be appreciated by only the most fastidious fans of such movies. She loves wearing a tailor-made dress, so being a sexy businesswoman or a secretary are her favorite fantasies to be part of. She is very tall, which is not popular amongst many males, yet gives her a unique fan base of very loyal followers. She has long hair and is really good at makeup, so she never asks for a make-up artist before recording the Shemale VR Porn scenes. She loves traveling around the world and can be seen all over the globe, especially in the biggest cities of Europe like Munich, Prague or Berlin; and in the capital cities of the United States of America. There is nothing weird about it, because since she is so into luxuries, and these can be found only in such places or while being surrounded by such classy people, she feels the most natural that way only. Sometimes, when she feels horny and is in the right mood, she offers her fans a high-class escort service that will be enjoyed only by the biggest connoisseurs of such courtesies. If you want to discover her beautiful body in some sexy lingerie, wear your VR headset and watch her in VR Bangers' Trans VR Porn movies with us! She will be waiting you for over here 24/7 and she will never have a headache or some excuse for your hard boner longing for a gentle touch of a sensual female. As you may already know, such ladies are the perfect hybrids, so they will satisfy all your needs, even those that you might not know about yet! Find more amazing shemale porn models both in 4K and 6K 360 degrees here!