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Ramona Swarovski - a Bulgarian goddess of Shemale VR porn business - looks just like a regular, cute cis-gender vixen, and we bet that if you would meet her on the streets, you would have just passed right next to her without even knowing that she is hiding a tasty dick in her panties. Here, on VRBTrans.com, we appreciate all these perfect hybrids of heterosexual women equipped with delicious cocks - and Ramona is, definitely, one of the cutest of all of these Trans girls. Even though she, as mentioned above, originates from Bulgaria, she has spent most of her life in UK - although, recently she has decided to give a huge boost to her career and fly to LA to work with professional TS VR porn movies' makers like VR Bangers Trans. That is exactly how we have produced our latest Shemale VR porn scene together with her - we wanted to "fish" her for our TS VR porn films for a while now, yet for all this time she has been unattainable and we were extremely happy when we found out that she is in Los Angeles and that we can shoot something with her. It is great that she has decided to star in some TS virtual reality porn videos, as her boobs look just great in VR - since our Shemale VR porn movies range from "just" high definition, through 4K ultra high definition and up to 6K UHD, inside of them those two sexy miracle-makers look even better! The T-girl knows exactly how to mesmerize her viewers and she is doing her job really professionally - thanks to all that we are really happy that she has just joined the family of VR Bangers Trans and we can't wait to produce even more of our Shemale virtual reality porn movies with her in the future!

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