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Barra Brass is a beautiful pornstar who has been in over 100 porn movies. She is a female with glossy blonde hair and a smile that will literally charm the pants off of you. She is 5 feet 11 inches tall and has also been known by Bara Brass and Barbra Brass in the porn movies. She is originally from the Czech Republic so she has that open minded attitude towards sex that these Eastern European chicks seem to have. She wants to shove anything and everything inside of her holes which is why a lot of her films involve anal fucking and things like double penetration, ass to mouth and she even tried double anal one time. Barra also is a bisexual slut who loves to do girl on girl action and even solo masturbation scenes. Ms. Brass is a pretty quiet babe who doesn't like to share the personal details of her life on social media, but what we do know about her is that she truly loves her fans and considers them almost like her friends. She knows that without them her career wouldn't be anywhere near what it is today, which is why she thought doing some VR porn would be like a little gift for them, because it's almost the same as being in the same room as her. Most of her fans do not have a few thousand bucks lying around to plan a trip to the Czech Republic to meet her, so virtual reality is her way of traveling all over the world to meet them where they are. She is a lovely woman who is friendly in real life and a joy to shoot for any type of porn movie. She always wants to work hard to impress the producers and directors, as well as the people who love her so much and make her career possible - the fans!

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