Bianka Nascimento VR

Bianka Nascimento VR Pornstar
Birthday: February 19
Measurements: 35-25-36
Height: 180
Weight: 74.8
Tatoos: Yes
Piercings: Yes
Country of origin: Brazil
Place of Birth: São Paulo, Brazil
Ethnicity: Latin
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Redhead
Career Status: Active

Shemale VR Porn with Bianka Nascimento

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Bianka Nascimento's Biography

Bianka Nascimento is a cute Latina shemale who loves to star in porn movies. Sometimes she spells her name as Bianka Nascimento or Biaka Nascimento, but the actual spelling doesn't really matter to her. It's just that she wants you to know what she is all about and that is hot tranny fucking. Bianca is around 30 years old but she doesn't look a day over 25. She is originally from Brazil so she has a cute Portuguese accent and a happy demeanor and open attitude towards sex as many people from her country. She has a big cock that still works and it always gets hard pretty much at the drop of a hat. Bianca has a 36-inch chest, a 25-inch waist, and a 36-inch ass making her have that perfect hourglass shape that people lust after. Ms. Nascimento wants you to know that she is pretty much down for anything and even though she hasn't starred in that much porn lately, she is making a comeback with some virtual reality smut. With her 5 feet 11 inch tall frame which weighs 165 pounds, Bianca will wow you with her sexual TS moves. You don't have to buy an expensive plane ticket and hop on board to get a date with Bianca. Oh no. All you have to do is strap on the nearest virtual reality headset and watch her shemale VR Porn videos as she will appear up close and personal in your face. You will feel like you are in the same room as she does things like go down on you and suck your cock or open up her backdoor to you for a big hardcore fucking. Check out Bianca and you will be one step closer to making your transsexual fucking dreams come true - and all this thanks to the immersive Shemale VR Porn movies from VRB Trans both in 4K and 6K ultra clear. You're welcome! Fine more beautiful trans pornstars here!