Nikki Vidic VR

Nikki Vidic VR Pornstar
Birthday: July 4
Height: 181
Weight: 78
Tatoos: None
Piercings: None
Country of origin: United States
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Redhead
Career Status: Active

Nikki Vidic's Biography

Nikki Vidic is a transsexual redhead slut from Slovenia in Europe. Even though most of her professional colleagues come from the Czech Republic, she is a living proof that other European countries have some big talents as well, enriching the Tranny VR Porn business with a red headed goddess whom everyone cherishes to watch. She loves fucking with everyone that she finds sexy, including some bareback muscled males, slutty girls with cute titties and butts, and other Shemale vixens that are being the perfect combinations of the previously mentioned types. The biggest Nikky's problem is, that she looks so realistic, that many guys do not recognize that she is a tranny, and have that extra surprise when are about to have sex with her - it is rather a pleasant one, as you all know that TS girls are close to perfection, combining the best parts of the both sides. She has a very wide area of interest and a lot of hobbies, so if she is not recording the Shemale Virtual Reality Porn videos, you may find her snuggling up with a good fantasy novel, weight-lifting, running, playing some video games and doing many other things. If you liked some of her movies, good information is that she is an escort as well, and if you will pay her accordingly, you might spend a night with her to fulfill the deepest hidden fantasies of yours. Yet if you do not feel like it, since traveling to Europe is not something that you want to do, thankfully VR Bangers' immersive Transsexual VR Porn movies are the second best thing after the real sex, giving you the experiences really close to the real one - just wear your VR headset and headphones on your head, click the "play" button, and in a short moment you will feel like being in a one room with a sexy girl like Nikki or some other slut that you liked.