Are you Worthy of a Hot Mistress Mia Maffia?

date_range February 02, 2018

Have you ever heard of BDSM? This abbreviation refers to bondage & discipline, domination & submission, and sadism & masochism, all of which include a broad spectrum of activities and forms of interpersonal relations, which in many cases are not common practices in sexual relationships. In addition to behaviors such as dominance, submission, discipline, penalties, bondage, fetishism, there are also those related to the full spectrum of personality and sexual intercourses. In some cases, BDSM is taken into account in everyday life, and therefore, it can be seen in pornography, including VRB Trans' stereoscopic 3D TS VR Porn videos in 4K resolution. Activities and relations in the context of BDSM are characterized by the fact that participants usually divide into dominant and submissive persons. Individuals can permanently occupy a particular position or change it depending on the situation - these are the so-called switches. BDSM is practiced as playing specific scenes where there are appropriate rituals like appropriate signals or codes, as well as playing a specific role. Although some activities are in the form of coercion, BDSM is not a form of sexual harassment, because it is carried out with the consent of the involved partners - these rules apply in both daily life and Shemale VR Porn. Mia Maffia, a sexy Transsexual VR Porn star, is one of the dominant people - she's a mistress that will teach you manners at once. Her long legs are covered in hot fishnet stockings and thigh high boots, and as soon as you look at her you know that you will not be able to refuse to do her commands. As soon as she enters the room, she immediately orders you to get on the floor and now you have to listen to her until she is completely satisfied and lets you go. Mia orders you to lie down on your knees and puts her beautiful penis straight into your mouth. She's face-fucking you, when your saliva is dropping down on your chin, as you feel more and more horny while being dominated by her. You kiss her on the feet and smell her shoes, and she's already wondering what else she can do with you, her obedient dog - thankfully the training made you horny, so your dick got hard and mistress can use it. A woman puts your swollen cock between her buttocks and bumps on it, satisfying herself with you as a mere object. You see like her wet from your saliva donger gets harder as she stuffs her pecker and rides you to meet her tranny needs. Her outfit and dominant attitude excite you even more and even though you know that you are not worth it, you cum inside her, pouring her with your undeserving sperm. Although Mia despises you, your hot load has moisturized her, making her feel it even better, and after a while she also jizzes, letting you taste her precious semen. You were fortunate enough to have a mistress like her want to even touch you, but watching the Virtual Reality Porn from VR Bangers made you be in the right place and time - exactly when she needed some cock. Lucky you! Want more anal action? Visit our main page, here! Watch Mia Maffia's TS VR Porn Videos!