Can We Get Coronavirus From Sex?

date_range June 23, 2020
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COVID-19 is not a sexually transmitted infection, however, it can be passed on through kissing and close contact, including having sex. Below you can find some tips for safe sex in the period of self-isolation: 1. If you don’t have symptoms, having sex with a partner you live with is OK. 2. You are your safest sex partner; masturbation is always safe sex. Masturbation is also a great way to learn what you like and don’t like without putting yourself at risk for pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases and is one of the best ways to learn about your sexuality. It can also help to relieve stress and ease period cramps. Using a male masturbator or a blowjob machine is a really great opportunity to make time for yourself, get to know your body, prioritize your sexual pleasure, and find new ways to have a great time. And guess what? We’ve just found the best sex toys you’ve ever seen. Believe it or not, but this month VRB Trans and Bestvibe have a super offer for you! Use the special secret code BV10 and get extra discounts for all toys. Hurry up, though, as this is a limited time offer! And do not worry, as the website offers discreet billing and shipping so you do not need to worry to get caught by your neighbors. Anyway, getting back to the list and our article… 3. Use soap or drink wipes to clean the area where you have sexual activity, even if it’s your VR journey on 4. Using condoms and dental dams will help protect you and your partners from STDs. Dental dams and condoms may also help prevent the spread of COVID-19 during oral sex by preventing contact with spit. 5. Please kindly keep social distancing — which means staying at home as much as possible, and staying at least 6 feet. Does it all sound that really bad? Not really, right? And, on the other hand, during these hard times, we can all enjoy self-pleasure in this “stay home” period together – there’s never been a better time to get your hands wet! Bestvibe product line Bestvibe have your favs for sure! You can find all kinds of adult toys – including vibrators, dildos, male masturbators, anal toys, cock rings, lubricants, sex dolls, anal beads, butt plugs, penis pumps & extensions, sexy lingerie, etc. They provide adult toys with different sexual functions and different sexual pleasures. You better go to their website and check it out! More such similar news, blogs, and articles can be found with ease on VR Bangers' Trans main page, here. **Bestvibe is an online retailer and manufacturer with a mission to help spread sex positivity, believing that all people deserve to enjoy pleasure, no matter who they are or what they’re into. As such, they sell a huge range of sex toys, from dildos and vibrators to masturbators and sex dolls, and all at reasonable prices. Plus, they have a focus on innovation and new ideas, which means a lot of their products are unique, and this has also driven them to ensure the majority is body-safe.