HTC Says: "VR Is Doing Better Than Ever Today!"

date_range September 24, 2018

Recently there has been some voices that virtual reality technology is not doing really good. First, the Microsoft who decided not to provide their newest console (the Xbox One) with the support for virtual reality, then the June hardware survey conducted by Steam, claiming that owners of such devices account for only 0.72% of all players having an account on this platform. And finally the latest analysis of sales trends on the Amazon website, which was also not very optimistic. We hear all those voices and opinions, but from our point of view - the TS VR porn movies' makers - the market of transsexual virtual reality porn is doing really good, and thus we do not really understand what is this all about. Thankfully there is a one more company that agrees with us in 100% - HTC says: virtual reality is doing better than ever! Chart Revenue Market Share HTC The HTC group openly claim that the rumors of death of VR are definitely exaggerated. Even though there has been a sharp drop of the sales of their devices, it only happened due to the fact that users bought out the majority of produced copies of basic version of HTC Vive, so there were some unexpected problems with their availability. Since the company has just increased the production, though - which is also an another good sign - these problems should soon become a thing of the past. From our point of view, what's also very interesting, it seems that HTC Vive VR goggles are the most popular choice of the fans of our transsexual virtual reality porn films, too, so no wonder that the trend is like that. The company has strictly stressed that this year HTC Vive is selling faster than ever before. The virtual reality market's growth is slow but stable and there is an expanding interest in virtual reality technology, both among consumers and business applications - including the innovative market of Shemale VR porn videos. Additionally, more expensive devices are starting to get even more sought after; while cheap, much simpler hardware like Oculus Go or Samsung Gear is losing attractiveness in the eyes of potential customers. In other words, the revolution is not right behind the corner, but everything is doing as expected. China VR Device Market According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) informations (presented to you in form of two pictures above), HTC Vive is a market leader in terms of revenues both in USA and China. HTC Vive Focus VR goggles have conquered the 33.1% of the Chinese market, and, what's more, the second most popular option, Pico, is a part of HTC's Vive Wave platform, too. Even though according to Steam's analysis mentioned above, both Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality VR goggles are catching up on HTC's devices on both VR games and TS VR porn films' markets, Vive platform seems to be doing just fine, and that is why the company is so happy about the virtual reality. For us, VR Bangers Trans, it doesn't really matter who leads the market - as long as there is some competition going, the industry will flourish and live, and that's all that matters for premium TS VR porn makers like us! If you liked this tech blog of ours and would like to read some similar articles now, feel free to visit main page as you will find there a whole lot of such blogs and more interesting facts about your favorite TS VR porn films and entire virtual reality market.