T-girl Alisia Rae Says Game Over in TS VR Porn!

date_range September 07, 2018

Let's play a game together with VR Bangers Trans today, shall we? Perhaps you will not be competing with any of our editors, directors or producers, but we are more than sure that you will be okay with that, as long as we will delegate some of our transsexual VR porn stars instead - like, let's say, Alisia Rae for example? Yeah, we knew that you are gonna love that idea! And in what game would you like to compete with her? Well, virtual reality indeed grants some great possibilities, but, on the other hand, when it comes to sport disciplines, we are somehow limited. That is why in this brand new 6K ultra high definition TS VR porn film - yep, that is right, we no longer produce in "just" 4K UHD and have managed to go even "further" when it comes to quality - will be about playing a round of chess. Are you disappointed? You do not think that the "game of kings" could be any sexy and would much rather prefer to play some football, basketball, volleyball or any other of more... contact games? Shut your mouth right now and wear your VR headset as soon as possible to start watching this amazing TS VR porn movie! This way you will see that when VR Bangers Trans do something, even the most boring game in the world could be as sexy as the sluttiest girl you have ever seen or known. Alisia Rae is ready to start this sexy match with you, but, the problem is... that she has no idea how to play chess. You could always teach her and show her the basics of this game, but we do not guarantee that she will be able to focus for long enough to actually learn something - especially with such a huge dick like yours in her surroundings. So what now? We invited you for a game of chess and now we are telling you that it ain't gonna happen? No, our friend, we just told you that Alisia can't play chess, but she can indeed play with many other things, instead... Jump straight to this immersive 3D TS VR porn film called the Game Over Shemale VR porn video to see for yourself how good is Alisia with playing with pretty much everything that comes to her little hands - her tight anal, cute titties and slutty throat are waiting for you inside of this transsexual VR porn movie, and our kinky brunette T-girl can't wait for this little competition to begin! Looking for some more incredibly sexy TS VR porn films with Alisia Rae? No problem, buddy. Just visit her official profile on VRBTrans.com and you will get the access to pretty much everything that this hot T-girl has ever made together with VR Bangers Trans. Not interested? Not a problem, either. You can always, obviously, visit our main page over here as well, to browse for some other Shemale VR porn stars - both in 6K and 4K UHD transsexual VR porn contents of ours!