TS VR Bangers TS VR Porn in Las Vegas' Hotels!

date_range October 30, 2017
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - For the first time in the history of pornography (and not only), virtual porn company VR Bangers together with the AuraVisor team have proposed to the Las Vegas hotel owners a VR goggles preloaded with the TS VR Porn! This $20 service offers hotel guests the opportunity to watch 360° and 180° stereoscopic virtual reality videos in 4K resolution thanks to AuraVisor's wireless VR headsets. The whole action has also been recently written of on the Venture Beat website. AuraVisor's headset is a virtual reality head mounted computer (HMC) that works without a PC or a smartphone and is completely tether-free. It has a 100-degree field of vision, 5-inch transistor screen supporting the 1080p videos and is working completely independently. The whole idea is to let the user pick the girl of his choice and to replicate the hotel room within the VR, to make everything more realistic then ever! "You just put your VR goggles on and wait. The next thing you'll hear is knocking on the door - the chosen girl will come into your room to offer you an immersive sexual experience!" According to the words of VR Bangers' founders spoken to Venture Beat's reporter," VR porn is ready to enliven this dormant yet humongous market, so both VR Bangers and AuraVisor are in a good place to benefit from growing demand of VR technology.” They additionally said that while the interest of virtual reality in gaming and film viewing is self-evident, "the potential for revolutionizing the porn business is significantly all the more energizing." "The genuine number isn't known, however most examinations suggest that around 30 percent of web movement is adult content," they said. "Notwithstanding this, the porn business has stayed stale for quite a long time, and numerous customers have turned out to be exhausted by traditional porn." The VR content from VR Bangers is available on their website on all types of devices, including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, PSVR and Daydream goggles, desktop computers, smartphones with both iOS and Android and many others. Interested? Feel free to contact TS VR Bangers here or going directly to our main page to introduce your business to virtual reality too!