Your Stepmom is Who? TS VR Pornstar Aubrey Kate?

date_range October 22, 2017

Nowadays many relationships and marriages unfortunately fall apart. There is nothing wrong with that, because people change with age and when they don’t have any feelings for each other anymore, it’s better for everyone to go in their own direction instead of fighting with each other for many more years. When people divorce, they often find new partners and thus many of us have stepfathers and stepmothers. Funny part is, that stepmoms can be very hot sometimes, and since they’re not related with you in any way, there’s nothing wrong in liking them - and that’s exactly the topic of this TS VR Porn scene! Although, since it’s one of the exclusive VR Bangers productions, stepmom couldn't be accidental and must've been one of the world’s hottest TS Virtual Reality pornstars – Aubrey Kate! You really do not know who Aubrey Kate is? You live with her under one roof, your father is regularly banging her hard and you've never thought about it? Dude! This is one of the biggest Shemale VR Porn stars on the globe! Have you ever looked at her? Did you see her sexy body? I can’t believe how could you miss it... Now that you've learned it, it's no wonder you started looking at her differently. And such glances can be noticed very easily... And so one day Aubrey decided to visit her "son" to talk with him about his latest discovery. Aubrey enters your room, closing the door behind her and explaining that you need to talk. It turns out that your father didn't know about anything either! And you... you have to keep the secret... And what if not, dear mommy? What will you do to keep my tongue behind my teeth? All Transsexual Virtual Reality porn fans know the answer to this question - Aubrey also has no doubt. So the word came out and Aubrey needs to go to work. She unzips your pants, reaches for your cock and immediately takes it to her mouth, caressing your balls with her tongue, and letting her saliva run down to the sheets. Since it's a deal and you can afford it, you push your mother's head to make her gag on your cock, so she’s losing her breath. Aubrey pulls your penis out of her mouth, looks at you and says, "Bad boy!" But both of you know that it only made her hornier, and that somewhere inside she’s long wanted your young dick. Next, the stepmother strips for you, showing you her feminine shapes and stretching her beautiful penis in front of you. Then Aubrey lays down in the doggy style position and prepares her firm anal, so you know what she's expecting of you. You go into it her as deeply as you can and you’re fucking her harder than you've ever had done with any of your girlfriends before - let the bitch have what she deserves! And yeah, you do not want to be worse than your father. Yet her anal turns out to be too cramped for you and you can't stand it much longer. After a while, you cum inside her, doing anal creampie, which leaks out of her sphincters… Now you can let her go – the deal is a deal, although… in your head you’re planning already how you can blackmail her next time, so you can fuck her again. All anal lovers shall find more such scenes with hot Trans blondes (and not only) directly on Watch Aubrey Kate's TS VR Porn Videos!