Trans VR Porn on PlayStation VR

Download PSVR 3D 180 or PSVR 3D 360 videos to your PC or Mac.
Copy videos to a USB drive to folder "Videos".
Launch PS Player app. Select movies from the folder and Let's Bang!

Video Specifications

Maximum expected video specs 4096x2048 60FPS 180º stereo or 4096x4096 30FPS 360º mono.

Viewing Options

Downloaded videos could be played locally.

  • Maximum video
  • Viewport
  • Field of View
  • Display Resolution
    960x1080 per eye

VRB Trans Review:

  • High-end display
  • No PC required
  • Old platform
  • PS required
  • Hard to set up
  • Content
  • Visual Quality
  • Variety

Watch Shemale VR Porn Videos on PlayStation VR in 360 and 180 Degrees

PlayStation VR, called Project Morpheus during development, is one of the newest VR headsets from Sony Interactive Entertainment. No one expected that shemale virtual reality porn movies would ever be available on the consoles, but eventually Sony made it possible, so now you can watch our 4K-8K UHD transsexual VR Porn from VRB Trans! All you need to do is download our 4k 360 degrees or 180 degrees stereoscopic 3D videos, copy them to "Littlstar" folder on your USB drive and launch the Littlstar VR Cinema app on your console - and that's it, you can watch and fap to your favorite tranny content already!

5.7 OLED panel installed in PlayStation VR may be little small, but these goggles have other features that compensate for this gap. Full HD (1080p) display resolution, special processor box features like 3D audio effect processing, and unique motion interpolation technique are just some of the remarkable PSVR capabilities, which altogether will make 60FPS shemale VR Porn more realistic than ever!


100 degrees FOV with stereoscopic 3D and 6DOF head-tracking will let you feel like you've been there with all these sexy trannies in VR Bangers porn videos for PSVR. UHD TS VR Porn scenes will be smoother than ever thanks to the aforementioned motion interpolation technology, called asynchronous reprojection, which allows to display a 60Hz content at 120Hz frequency. And if you're an audiophile and care more about the HQ audio content, VR Bangers got you covered with immersive binaural sound that is fully operable by PlayStation Virtual Reality visor and it's 3D audio effect processor.

Once you slip these goggles on over your eyes and press play, you will be transported to a whole new world of hot transsexual virtual reality porn fabulousness, where you will be able to rediscover your shemale fantasies and enjoy yourself in a brand new way - your desires are closer to you than ever before!