Get started with Samsung GearVR

Step 1
Download Play'a app and install it.
Step 2
Dude, there is no step 2! Get the tissues, put the headset on and enjoy.

Detailed Guide for Samsung GearVR

  • 1. Set up an Oculus Account for my Samsung Gear VR

    Do you have Oculus account? If you do, then ignore this and go to step 2.

    When you connect your Samsung smartphone to the headset for the first time, you will be asked to remove it and set up an Oculus account.

    1. Remove the window cover and detach your mobile device from the headset by pressing the Phone lock button (1) and disconnecting the device from the headset (2).
    2. From the welcome screen on your mobile device, touch Next to
    begin setting up your Oculus account.

    3. Review the end user license agreement and touch Next.

    4. Review the health and safety notice and touch Confirm.

    5. To install Oculus, touch Install.

    6. Once Oculus is installed, set up an account by touching Create Account. If you
    already have an account, touch Log In and enter your email and password.

    7. Review the Oculus website Terms of Use, and then touch Agree and Continue.

    8. Enter your email address and touch Continue. Your email address will also serve as your login ID.

    9. Choose a user ID, which other Oculus users will be able to see, and enter your full name, which will be private. Then touch Continue.

    10. Create a password for your Oculus account and touch Continue.

    11. Select your country and touch Continue.

    12. Enter your birthday and touch Continue.

    13. Oculus will send you a verification email. Follow the instructions in the email
    to activate your account. You can touch Resend Verification Email if you do not
    receive it or if the original verification email has expired. You can start over with
    your registration by touching Use a Different Email Address.

    14. Upon completing the email verification, your account will be set up and you
    can begin installing applications such as Oculus Cinema and Oculus 360. Touch
    Install Apps.
    15. Additional VR content is provided on a microSD card, which you can install on your mobile device by touching Continue. To install the microSD card later, touch Skip.

    16. Your mobile device is now prepared to use with your Gear VR Innovator's Edition. You can connect it to your headset now, or touch Browse Oculus Store for additional virtual reality content.

  • 2. Download PLAY'A for Samsung GearVR
  • 3. Install PLAY'A for Samsung GearVR

    1.Using My Files app on you android phone locate "playa_gear_launcher.apk" and click on it.
    2.Most likely your phone will ask you to change the settings.
    If it doesn’t, skip this step and go to step 3.
    3.Click "install", then click "open" and read the EULA.
    You have now installed PLAY'A GearVR launcher. Almost there :)
    4.Now we need to make a version of the app specifically for your phone ID. It will ask for permissions to make calls. Super weird, but it is what it is... Trust us, we are not going to make any calls :).
    Then wait a little bit for an app version to be built.
    5.For the first time the app will ask for permission to access files (we need it to download latest versions for the app and download videos and media files).
    Then it will download latest version of the actual PLAY'A app.
    6.Finish installing the PLAY'A app.
    Allow installation from other sources (similar to what you did in step 2).

  • 4. Play on PLAY'A on GearVR

    1.Use your VR Bangers account to log in.
    Or you can go to a FREE TOUR to enjoy free content.
    2.Insert you phone into GearVR and Enjoy

  • 5. PLAY'A release notes

    - Added Video Player for third part videos;
    - Added settings menu. Option to preselect default playback quality. Turn on/off key tips;
    - Option to enable 5K/6K playback;
    - Added pin code access;
    - Trailer/Full video toggle for logged in users;
    - Added history of watched videos;
    - New option to resume video playback from where it left off;
    - Speed improvements;
    - "Anti shaky hands" feature. Smoothed sensitivity of controller;
    - Many more major and minor bug fixes and improvements.


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