Chanel Santini Will Become Your Boss From Hell!

date_range April 06, 2018

You like it or not, most of us would most likely assault our bosses, if we could. Statistically, one in ten employers is a total asshole (at least from the employee's point of view), which means that only 10% of them are cool and motivating. And what happens with these statistics if we're talking about the female bosses only? From VR Bangers Trans' point of view, such ladies can manifest in one of two types - demanding bitches who'll change your life into living hell; and sexy sluts, for which you'd give everything just to spend the night with them. In this virtual reality porn fantasy we'll focus on the second type, yet since this is a website made especially for the Shemale VR Porn loving people, your cruel boss won't be a man or woman, but a perfect hybrid of these two - introducing the super-hot Horrible Boss TS VR porn video! Your today's boss will be no other but brunette Chanel Santini - one of the favorite Shemale VR porn stars, literally cherished by members of the VR Bangers community. Since she's super-hot, determined and can be dominant if needed, we found her perfect for this role, and you too should appreciate her presence in this newest TS VR porn movie. If you've prepared yourself for some yelling and listening to orders from Chanel, you're right (a little), since she'll indeed be a demanding person at the very beginning of this transsexual VR porn fantasy, yet in the course of action her attitude will change... completely. The scene will begin with you sitting behind the conference table (as long as you'll be wearing some VR goggles) and listening to a boring briefing being presented by the girl. She'll be telling you that sales are falling on the neck, and that else you're gonna do something about it, else she'll have to fire someone - almost specifically talking about you in person. Moments later, when her pointer will fall on the ground and this TS VR porn slut will have to bend to pick it up, all your suspicions will be confirmed, and you'll get an affirmation of the feeling that you must've seen her face somewhere - as soon as Chanel's dick will be visible to you, you'll be certain that she indeed is a shemale VR porn starlet from your dreams and favorite TS VR porn films. Your discovery of course changes it all, and you can't be thinking of her in the same way you did just minutes ago, thus your newest finding may bring some unexpected consequences... As soon as she'll notice that you're looking at her, she'll ask for a 1-on-1 with you, giving you a deal you simply can't throw away - else you'll suck her dick straight away and fuck her tight ass on this conference table, else you're fired! So what are you gonna go? Give her what she's asked for and perhaps earn yourself a promotion? Or get fired and land on the street? Wear your VR headset and dive straight into this exclusive VR porn fantasy to find an answer to this question and have some fun with the bossy Chanel - she's waiting for you already! Wanna watch some more immersive TS VR porn videos with Chanel Santini? Visit her profile over here or go straight to the VR Bangers Trans' main page, here.