Join the VRB Trans' SpaceXXX Mission in the Race for Mars!

date_range April 01, 2018

We realize that it's rather hard to believe, but this isn't fake - VR Bangers Trans have just begun their very own cosmic program! Since the CEO of the whole VR Bangers network, Daniel Abramovich, has been working with Elon Musk, the founder of the SpaceX firm, in the past, and their ideals and goals have eventually diverged, now VR Bangers can proudly announce that we have our very own space initiative - we've just joined the race for the planet Mars! The whole project was in preparations for many years, yet we've been keeping it all in full confidentiality - now we're finally ready to share the whole idea and reveal some details with the highly appreciated members of the VR Bangers family. We believe that producing the immersive TS VR porn videos, thus making the people's shemale sex-related dreams come true - which is being our everyday routine - is something really important, but still we really wanted to do something more... innovative, giving everyone a fair proof that we're capable of much bigger achievements. Now we're finally going beyond just making some high-quality TS VR porn movies, making OUR biggest dreams happen and becoming a part of something way more significant. The VR Bangers' vessel tests were conducted in years 2016-2018 at the testing platform in McGregor, Texas, where sixty-eight test flights happened. Since this is the 69th attempt of launching the rocket, its gained a proud name of αBANGER 69, and we think of it as our lucky charm. Experiments with the previous versions of the shuttle (αBANGER 1 to 68) led to the creation of this final model, which enabled the currently achieved controlled recovery of the first stage of the rocket after reaching a foreign planet. As SpaceX latest Falcon Heavy program launched a hybrid car Tesla Roadster towards the red planet, we've decided that our very first mission will be exactly the same, starting an unofficial competition between the SpaceX and SpaceXXX initiatives. Both of them consumed tens of millions of dollars and they're using some high-tech solutions, so even though our shemale VR porn videos are made with the latest available technology, this project is way more costly and captivating. We believe that the competition between us and SpaceX will be fierce, as we're using the latest technology known to humanity, and the Musk's design was completed few years ago, when it was not yet available, which certainly speaks in our favor. We think that we are capable of outdoing our rivals, and we are really counting on it. We have all been working really hard on the SpaceXXX initiative, and we can’t wait to finally prove both to ourselves and the whole world that we are capable of doing more than just producing the high quality transsexual virtual reality porn movies. All the updates from the mission, statistics and data about the rocket, videos from its launch and basically everything else that you could ask for associated with our journey to the red planet can be found on our special subpage, over here. For any questions related to the newest VR Bangers project or queries associated with both the SpaceX initiative and our TS VR porn contents, you can contact us.