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date_range December 17, 2017

How come, when we're young, most of us don't like school at all, and then we miss it when we're getting older? Most of the adults think of school times as the pleasant and stress-free period when your only problem was to do homework and deal with teachers, when your parents did the rest. But back in the day it all seemed so hard for us! All these mathematical tasks to count, essays to write, and experiments to do - teachers had always wanted something from us and even when we weren't in school we had to do the bloody homework! And if all this wasn't bad enough, the teenage life was full of drama and problems, since the kids can be really cruel - real hell on earth! Yet somewhere out there, there was a small spark of hope that every one of us could find - a sexy teacher! Most of us had at least one such person in our lives - this one sexy teacher: a young girl right after college or a hot divorce from whom you couldn't look away. For such a teacher it's finally worth to strive and study, and suddenly our notebooks or pencils begin to fall to the ground more often so that we only have the opportunity to look at her sexy legs and ass or, which is even better, to ask her to pick them and watch as she bends over and sticks her sexy ass in front of us. Unfortunately, in most cases, such kind of school loves end poorly, since the professor won't pay enough attention to you and prefers a slightly older man - but what if she turns out to be a sexy Shemale VR Porn star that is actually interested in you? Such things can happen only in exclusive movies from TS VR Bangers! Kimber Lee, because she's the teacher here, is not happy with your ratings. You don't do your homeworks, you don't study and you're not paying attention in the class - I wonder if she could focus if she'd be 24/7 horny on her sexy Transsexual VR Porn teacher and the only thing she could focus on was what lingerie she's wearing today and what's hidden under this tight skirt. Either way, our brunette Kimberlee has taken you to a private conversation and wants to discuss your situation, because if you won't improve your results in school, you'll get expelled. Every good educator knows that there is always a way to reach the student, and since Kimber is quite inteligent, she's noticed how you're looking at her and she already has an idea how she could motivate you to study. The teacher sits down in front of you, unbinds her blouse, grabs your hand and puts it on her bumps. What is the plan of the sexy Kimberlee? Will this really convince you to study? And is cumming on her feminine body finally going to drop your sexual tension, so you'll be more careful about what she's saying in the class? If you want to know the answers to these questions, watch the latest Shemale Virtual Reality Porn movie from VR Bangers right now! More sexy blowjobs can be easily found on our main page. Watch Kimber Lee's TS VR Porn Videos!