TS VR Succubus' Triangle with Vanessa and Barra!

date_range August 02, 2019

Have you ever heard about something called the Devil’s Triangle? Well, simply speaking, it is a threesome with 1 woman and 2 men inside of which you and your best buddy can successfully screw a girl together – simultaneously fucking her pussy, ass or mouth and presumably giving her some of that sought-after double penetration. In terms of T-girls, our beautiful Shemale goddesses might not have pussies like cis-gender girls, but they do have something else in exchange for them – and if you are on VRBTrans.com for a while now, you must have joined our amazing virtual reality community not without a reason, and you are here because of these slight, yet meaningful differences. Succubus' Triangle is the name that we came up with to illustrate the situation when you will get to fuck one of those cis-gender whores and a T-girl at the same time – not only meaning that there will be two asses and a pussy that you can play with, but also two dicks waiting for the horny girl to fuck her well. This brand new TS VR porn movie with our super-hot Trans whore, Vanessa Jhons, and her bisexual cis-colleague Barra Brass is a premium threesome VR porn experience – the one that belongs both to the Shemale Fucks Guy and Shemale Fucks Girl categories. We are sure that after wearing your VR goggles and diving straight inside of this TS VR porn movie, you will have a whole lot of stuff going on for yourself – with not one but two girls right in front of you (and especially that one of them is a tranny), the possibilities are almost limitless and you are literally condemned to have some fun with our whores. Do that here and now in this 4K UHD TS VR porn scene – the girls are waiting for you and your little gangbang session can begin anytime now! Even though, as mentioned above, this TS VR porn movie belongs to both Shemale Fucks Guy and Shemale Fucks Girl categories, it is, first of all, an epic threesome Shemale VR porn video - and you should not forget about that for even a shortest moment. Yet if you are well aware of that - so aware that you have actually chosen this TS VR porn scene for tonight because of not one but two super-hot girls (a cis-gender and transsexual one) inside of it - then you will probably like our other threesome TS VR porn videos, so you should head straight to our threesome category over here. Barra Brass just loves to perform together with our transsexual TS VR porn stars (visit her profile over here), and Vanessa Jhons (her profile is available here) is just one of many amazing Shemale VR porn performers that she has worked with in the past. To browse through all of them - our super-sexy ladies of mixed genders - head straight to VR Bangers Trans' main page over here, from where you will be able to pick just any T-girl (or a cis-gender one) that you find attractive, and fuck her tight ass in our immersive 6K UHD virtual reality still tonight!