Chilling with Kimber Lee? It'll get hot in 4K!

date_range November 08, 2017

Kimber Lee is your friend for years – you don’t know anybody as good as you know her, so you often spend time together while talking about your lives and problems. You do remember many of her boyfriends and this hot TS VR Porn Star cried over your shoulder many times before, so you already have a level of comfort that lets you talk about everything. This closeness makes you feel comfortable in each other’s company, and often the things you do together may seem strange to someone from the outside. Today is the day which is the perfect example of this strangeness - you’re hanging out with Kimber while she’s wearing some sexy red underwear - and nothing else! How did this happen? Well, the fact is, you know she's recording the Shemale VR Porn movies in her job and you could probably expect such situation when coming to her workplace, but still... even for your unusually close relationship, it’s rather a weird sight. When you arrive, you find out that the scene that Kimber Lee and her enormous tits was shooting today did not happen because her partner is sick and did not appear on the set. The girl feels ditched, abandoned and really fucking horny, because she was thinking about this newest VRB Trans movie whole day! The VR camera is prepared, the girl is sitting in the room in sexy clothes all alone, and you are there to comfort her and you do not know what to do. Your friendship is one of the most valuable things you have in your life, so you would do anything for her - but are you sure? After all, you know exactly what to do... Nothing could cheer her up better now than some hard fucking! You pull yourself together and decide to go straight to the point, saying, "Kimber Lee, I know our friendship is very important, but since this actor did not appear, maybe I could..." The girl looks extremely surprised, but can’t hide that your proposal actually made her happy. She pulls out her beautiful penis from under her pants and says to you: "Come on, kneel in front of me..." You've always wanted to bang this hot chick, so you don’t need to be asked twice to suck her gorgeous cock. You feel like you are making it harder in your mouth and you can’t wait to see what you will do next. Kimber decides to repay you for this wet blowjob, so she also kneels in front of you, unzips your pants and goes to work. When both of you are already hard, the girl takes off her sexy underwear and decides to jump on you, while playing with her hard cock at the same time. As she rides you up, you see her jutting boobs bouncing in front of you, while she’s moaning and groaning extremely loud, and you already know that you have fulfilled your friendly duty. The girl is the real sex mistress, so you can’t stand it for too long and cum inside her tight ass. Kimber looks you in the eyes and says, "This is probably a compliment," and then starts to jerk off even more dynamically, eventually cumming on your belly. You leave her workplace together, with the smiles on your faces and go to eat something – this is a true Transsexual Virtual Reality Porn friendship, dude! More anal fun is waiting for you over here! Watch Kimber Lee’s TS VR Porn Videos!