Jamie French Will Teach You How to Play a Piano!

date_range October 12, 2018

Let's teach you how to play a piano, shall we? Even if you think that you are a dummy when it comes to instruments and have tried multiple times to find out how to play one of those, VR Bangers Trans believe that if you would find a properly educated (and talented) teacher, every single one of our viewers could maybe not master, but at least learn the basics of, for example, a piano - and that is exactly why we have asked Jamie French to guide you through the basics of this activity in our newest TS VR porn movie. Pay special attention to the Pickup Notes Shemale VR porn video, as this T-girl is a really talented performer and can do some miracles when sitting in a front of such instrument... even though they might not be necessarily associated with a piano itself. The lesson will start with the basics of the basics. Jamie will show you some elemental chords and how should your palms lay on the keyboard, going through the first few moves that you should have been familiar with and explaining you the etiquette of a piano player. She too one day has been going through a similar lesson herself, being taught of that on her own, so stay patient and listen to her carefully. If your patience will be strong enough, in only matter of minutes the girl will go through some more advanced techniques, including those using her double-sided dildo and a giant anal vibrator. Wait... what? Oh, are you surprised? Have you forgotten that this is a TS VR porn fantasy? Oh, silly you! The lesson is over and it is about time to get some more serious stuff, so wear your VR headset and start watching as Jamie is playing with her super-tight anal. In this newest solo masturbation Shemale VR porn scene, the girl has just been looking for an excuse to play with her dick in front of your eyes, so no wonder that she came up with all this "piano lessons" agenda, while trying to check your patience and reward it with the wildest performance of your entire life! Jamie French is a real beast when it comes to playing with her anal and we are more than sure that you have been mesmerized during this entire Shemale VR porn movie of hers - after all with such a tight butt like she has, it is no wonder that you kept on fantasizing on penetrating it with your very own dick. You can do that and many other things in her different TS VR porn films - just visit her official VR Bangers Trans' profile over here and enjoy even more of her amazing performances. And if you would like to watch some other similar Shemale VR porn whores like Jamie, make sure to visit Virtual Reality Bangers Trans main page here, as there is a whole lot of them to choose from and you will definitely find a T-girl that you want to spend this evening with - the list of such bitches in 6K UHD TS VR porn scenes is already huge and it only keep on growing every day!