2x Membership for Price of One Christmas' Deal!

date_range December 23, 2017
Christmas is coming, folks! This special time of the year full of gifts, festive atmosphere and opportunities to spend some time with our families is almost here. Every year we can forget about the differences between us and our relatives to share the wafer and some gifts at the Christmas table – it is much more important to give than to receive, so we are more than happy that we, at VRBTrans.com can share even more TS VR Porn with you, guys! Our sexy trannies told us that you have all been very good this year, so you have definitely deserved some gifts – and we can’t let you down! Only thanks to you we keep making our quality Shemale VR Porn movies, so you are all very precious to us, and we surely want you to feel appreciated and respected by us. That is why we have prepared some very special promotion this year that will allow all of you to stay with us even longer, so our sexy Transsexual VR Porn stars will not miss you!

What is coming from VR Bangers Trans this year?

We have been thinking of it for a moment, but ultimately we were able to make a serious decision to double the subscription time of every membership bought in the event’s period. What does that mean? Well, all our viewers will now have an opportunity to stay with us twice as long as earlier for the same or even lower price! These holidays are not only doubling the membership period, but also reducing the prices of our packs to the delight of all of you.

The new prices’ comparison is visible below:

• New limited time option is coming for VRBTrans.com – the 1-day trial package. It will allow all the undecided fans to try out our premium Shemale VR Porn for a one day before going into a more serious commitment. This option costs $0.99 per day, so it is less profitable than the other ones – think of it as of a trial version. • The "1 Month (Full access)" variant is being doubled to last 2 months instead of one in a price of $19.95 instead of $19.80 – daily price will be reduced from $0.67 to $0.33. • The "3 Months (Full access)" option is also getting doubled, giving 6 months of membership instead of 3 with a price reduction from $39.95 to $39.60. Altogether closing up this deal with a per day price of $0.22 (from $0.44). • Our biggest package "1 Year (Full access)" is getting cheaper as well, dropping the price from $89.95 to $87.60 for 2 years of a subscription with a price per day of $0.11 instead of $0.25.

When is the time of this hot deal?

Unfortunately, this promo couldn’t last forever and since it is a limited time offer, it had to be ended sometime. That is why we have decided to make it last a little, but end at some point – it will be available from December 22nd to December 26th, 2017. You should definitely expect something for the end of the year promo, but we will not tell you what for now. Just stay with us at VRBTrans.com and wait for the surprise to come. Merry Christmas, boys!