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date_range December 26, 2017

Angelina Torres is one of those girls who care about their friends and will do anything to make them happy. You can count on her opinions in any, even the most lost situation, she'll always support you spiritually and there is no topic you couldn't discuss with her. Friendships like these don’t come out of nowhere and if one day she'll need it, you will also have to be ready to help her out - whatever the cost. And what if someday Angelina is going to be extremely horny, despite working in the TS VR Porn biz, and will need a "helpful hand" to relieve her tension? Well, you'll have to stand up for the task! Angelina visited you in a bad mood and obviously there's something wrong. You ask her if it's all right, but she only pretends that nothing has happened. Because the girl is not honest with you, and the situation is quite strange, you two are sitting for the next few hours in practically total silence, when both sides pretend that there is nothing to talk about and that this is a regular meeting. After some time, however, the girl can't stand it anymore and answers the question that you've asked many hours earlier. Angelina says, "I met this guy and we just broke, and now I'm constantly horny. I can’t think of anything but the hard dicks, and I don’t have anyone with whom I could have sex." First of all you’re surprised - how so sexy Shemale VR Porn star doesn't have anybody to fuck with? Second, you are angry that she didn't tell you that right away - you are friends, but after all... you can't refuse to such a close person, when she's in need! So, without further delay and unnecessary words, you reach between her smooth thighs and grasp for her beautiful cock, starting jerking her off. The girl looks surprised because she did not suspect such courage from you, but in her current situation, she has no intention of protesting and is glad that she will finally be able to get some satisfaction. It doesn't take long when she starts to play with your penis and masturbation quickly turns into the 69 position, when both of you are sucking each others dicks. You aren’t as good at giving head as Angelina - the years of experience in Transsexual VR Porn does matter here - but you try to keep up her pace and satisfy her as she does it to you. When both of you are already hard and moist, it's time to move on to the good stuff, because the girl can’t really wait any longer. First you enter the narrow anal of your friend, but after a while you change places because she also wants to experience what it feels like to be inside you. When a man with a big dick meets the beautiful TS VR Porn star, the number of possibilities is practically unlimited, so the scene continues for many more minutes. Are you curious how it ends? Will Angelina be anally satisfied? Watch the latest video from VRBTrans.com and see for yourself! Watch Angelina Torres' TS VR Porn Videos!