Venus Lux Will Make You Fail an Important Exam!

date_range October 19, 2017

Girlfriend is a very important element of every man's life. Our women motivate us, support us and help us in difficult life decisions. This is not always the case, and sometimes our girls, even though we love them, can raise our gore pressure and thwart our ambitious plans - but is it all that bad? Not in the world of TS VR Porn. Your other half is none other than Venus Lux, the famous, beautiful and sexy Shemale VR Pornstar. The fact is, the girl is pretty slutty, but you actually like it about her, because around her you have a boner 24/7 and she will always be happy to help you out with your little “pants problem”. You met today with Venus to study together for an important exam - if you won't pass the test, there will be many consequences, and we would all rather have avoided it, right? Well, the girl has some other plans. (Un)fortunately, in the middle of studying, Venus became horny and decided she was not going to be able to continue learning until you did something about it - God, why now? You really have to study... You disagree with the suggestion of this horny bitch and you continue to study when she’s trying to convince you to play with her. At first, the girl starts to strip in front of you sexily, trying to turn your eyes from books. When this does not work, Venus has to resort to a bit more drastic solution - she starts masturbating! When Venus pulls out her beautiful penis from up her skirt and starts touching herself, you can hardly turn your eyes off books and keep on focusing. But the girl does not stop at it and pulls out her favorite dildo from the closet, fucking herself anally and moaning and groaning as befits Transsexual VR Pornstar. Enough of this! You will not get it any longer! It is impossible to study under such conditions when your hard penis has almost ripped your boxers to shreds. You pull the dick out of your pants and put it deep inside Venus’ throat – she finally gets what she wanted. Venus only smiles gently as she has achieved her goal and starts sucking your penis as deeply as she can. When your cock is hard and swollen, Venus bends over in front of you and lets you fuck her asshole. Although she was just putting her dildo in there, she’s still rather tight and you will not be able to hold on for too long, so you change sides. Venus gets inside you with her hard cock, so you start moaning with pleasure when she presses on your prostate over and over again. Once you can no longer hold on, you tell the whore to come over and cum on her face with hot jizz. Since she's also close to cum, you show her your good manners and help her ejaculate too down on your belly. Finally, you can go back to studying – unless Venus gets horny again, because then you will fail the exam for sure… More Asian fun can be found on our main page! Watch Venus Lux's TS VR Porn Videos!