Chanel Santini Will Examine You Deeply!

date_range October 20, 2017

All of us have to go to the doctor sometimes - although most people hate it, it's a sad obligation we have to deal with from time to time, especially when there is flu season around. In most cases, our physician is either a boring old guy whose right to practice his profession should’ve be taken away long time ago, or an even older female doctor who has nothing to do with being sexy. But sometimes, especially in the Shemale VR Porn, we can have a little luck and find someone much more interesting. And so it happened this time - brunette Chanel Santini, beautiful and sexy Transsexual VR Pornstar is our doctor today! You have no idea how this visit will go, but thinking of it is even more stressful than visiting the dentist… or maybe it's not stress but excitement? Or maybe subconsciously you know what to expect after such a horny TS VR Porn bitch? Time will tell… The woman enters the office and asks you about your disease. You describe her symptoms, and you mention that one of them is fever. Chanel checks your temperature and actually it is raised, but now it may as well be the effect of her presence near you. You feel the sexy smell of her perfume and skin and you can’t stop yourself... Well, fuck it! Sink or swim! You grab Chanel’s boob while she’s examining you with a stethoscope and you count on the best! At first Chanel is angry at you. How could you! You creep? I'll call the police! A moment later, however, the girl notices that there is a huge surprise waiting for her in your pants, since it’s grown so big that you are no longer able to hide it from her. Chanel pulls out your hard cock and puts it deep into her throat, looking you straight in the eyes and watching you make yourself red with excitement. The girl knows what she's doing, arranging her tongue in the perfect way and making her wet saliva drip slowly after your swollen testicles. The girl is giving you head for a while, then decisively says, "Get down! We need to examine your prostate!" You are an obedient patient, so you throw away all your clothes when the doctor prepares her harder and harder penis with her hand. Chanel is pushing her cock into you so deep that she can certainly sense your "male G spot", but you have doubts whether examination with a penis is even possible. You do not complain though, because the feeling is so pleasant that you definitely do not want it to stop. As you change positions and the girl starts riding on you, pushing your penis as deep as possible inside her, you play with her cock in the meantime, which all pulsates from the agitation and cum gathering in it. The doctor can’t stand it anymore and cums first, spraying it all on your chest and belly. A moment later you jizz inside her too, so your cum drifts downward, mixing with her saliva left on your testicles. The doctor writes you a instruction, sends you back and asks for the next patient – will she examine him in the very same way? That’s interesting… If you like such young sluts like Chanel, you'll find em over here. Watch Chanel Santini's TS VR Porn Videos!