VR Bangers' Venus with a Penis is Extraordinary!

date_range November 02, 2018

Not sure if you really are into some Shemale goddesses and even though you visit VRBTrans.com quite regularly, you are still not entirely convinced if cis-gender or transsexual whores are in your type? You are not the only one hesitating, and believe it or not, but it has never been an easy choice for anybody. Since there is a whole lot of people that still struggle between these two worlds, we, as it befits some premium TS VR porn movies' makers, just had to help you guys out somehow - and that is pretty much how the idea for this newest 6K UHD Shemale VR porn fantasy was born. After all, the Venus with a Penis TS VR porn film is almost like a tutorial or... some kind of an instructional video, in which our incredibly beautiful Venus Lux will show you how would it be to bang a sexy T-girl, letting you watch her perfect female body with addition in form of a sexy schlong from pretty much every side and angle - after all this is a Shemale VR porn film in entire 3D 180 degrees and full 6K ultra high definition resolution. Since we did not want to scare you out or ruin your immersion of a 1-on-1 situation with Venus, this is one of the transsexual solo masturbation scenes that we are so known of, and there will be just you and our sexy tranny in the picture. Yet even though these TS VR porn films are as close to the real sex as possible, and you will literally feel like you have been there with the girl, in the end she will not have your cock around and will have to come up with something in return to please herself with... Worry not, as we came prepared - Mrs. Lux got equipped with a whole lot of sexy toys, dildos, butt plugs and even a sex doll to fuck with - and she will now demonstrate you her epic skills on these items, all the time looking directly in our virtual reality camera and keeping an eye contact with you through your VR goggles. Are you ready to spend this wonderful evening with Venus Lux and, if you are not entirely sure of your preferences, let her change your mind? Wear your VR headset and watch this immersive HD TS VR porn video - and if you liked it, make sure to visit our main page later to browse for some similar Shemale VR porn movies, including more of our incredible solo masturbation scenes. Oh, and if you liked Mrs. Lux and you are one of her biggest fans, do not hesitate to go straight to her personal profile over here - she has been in the VR Bangers Trans' family for a while now, and we have at least few other TS VR porn films with her that you can choose from, letting you spend even more time with your favorite Shemale whore, and revealing more and more sexy secrets of hers.