New Headset with "Anti-SDE": Samsung HMD Odyssey+

date_range November 05, 2018

Yay, someone has finally gotten rid of this annoying grid effect with a fully functional Anti-SDE solution! You have no idea what do we mean by that? You have never heard about this effect and you are not even sure what does that mean for your favorite TS VR porn films? Well, keep on reading then, as it seems that today you're about to learn a whole lot of new informations. Let's begin, shall we?

What does the "Anti-SDE" mean and why is it so important for TS VR porn?

Girl Offers VR Glasses The SDE effect, also known as the "grid effect" is a problem of every modern (and, naturally, older one, to) VR headset. Since virtual reality displays are not fully compatible with lenses in three dimensions, every image displayed by them is getting "stuffed" with sub-pixels when divided into digital dots (it is, the pixels), in effect making the viewer to occasionally see virtual reality in a less intended way - thus through a "mosquito net". Naturally, such interferences can successfully ruin the immersion when playing a top-notch VR game or watching some 4K UHD and/or 6K ultra high definition Shemale VR porn movies, so even though it has taken a while, we are happy that someone has finally came up with solution for this ongoing problem.

So what is this newest Samsung MR headset about?

First of all, we have to mention that this is only a refreshed version of the Odyssey virtual reality goggles from Windows Mixed Reality series - the differences are so significant, on the other hand, that this headset could be counted as an entirely new visor, actually. Even though the displays of both Odyssey versions are the same - the AMOLED displays with a resolution of 2880 x 1600 in 90 Hz (1440 × 1600 for each eye) - the headsets differ with the handling of the previously mentioned Anti-SDE technology, making the Odyssey+ presumably the first device on the market with such solution. What is more, since there is an entire list of WMR goggles to compare the Odyssey+ with, Samsung's visors provide more vivid colors and deeper blacks than screens with LED technology with a resolution of 2880 x 1440 (2x 1440 x 1440) used by other headset manufacturers from the Windows Mixed Reality series. According to Samsung, their proprietary solution significantly increases the packing of pixels perceived by the user, which translates into the impression of viewing a picture with twice the resolution than the actual - successfully fixing the grid effect and increasing the quality and comfort of TS VR porn experiences. What's more, thanks to Samsung's "inside out" tracking system with two position cameras, goggles are capable of capturing the depth of the surroundings, so they do not require tracking systems such as SteamVR Lighthouse base stations or Oculus sensors to operate. Samsung HMD Odyssey+ can be yours for $500 only - since Shemale VR porn videos from fully support every VR visor from the WMR series, and these are the best one of them so far, grabbing a pair might be a really good idea for increasing your immersion while having fun with our 6K UHD TS VR porn films!