Get started with HTC Vive

Step 1
Download PLAY'A VR and install it.
Step 2
Add as a website. Get the tissues, put the headset on and enjoy.

Detailed Guide for HTC Vive

  • Woohoo, congrats!
    You are now a lucky owner of an awesome VR headset.
    Let's set up your HTC Vive, shall we?
    It is actually very simple. First of all, just go to the Vive Setup Page and follow the few simple steps.

  • Now, go to Steam to download our app.
    Follow the simple steps to install the app on your Windows computer.

  • After installing PLAY'A, you can add to the list of your websites.

    In the bottom right corner of the app, click on the "Websites" option, and enter the URL of a chosen website you wish to add.

    Other supported websites:


  • PLAY'A works best with HTC Vive Controllers

    Xbox controller is another cool way to experience PLAY'A

    No controllers? No problem, use your keyboard!

  • If you are using PLAY'A app and can not play 6K videos, you need to install HEVC codec.

    Here is a link for a FREE HEVC extension.

Amazing VR Porn Experience
with PLAY'A app
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