Sushi Dinner with Venus Lux in 360°? Sounds Lit!

date_range January 03, 2018

The culture of the Far East is fascinating - do you agree with that? Japan, China, Korea - all these countries are full of some kind of magic and mysticism, and their culture is extremely interesting and rich. Chinese dragons, Chinese mythology, Chinese wall, Asian food and many other cultural aspects make this region of the world really special. Will Shemale VR Porn with Asian touch also be so interesting? If the authors are the TS VR Bangers, then of course yes! Have you ever heard of Geishas? They’re Japanese women with artistic skills, entertaining guests with talk, dancing, singing and playing instruments, being able to lead a tea brewing and drinking ceremony, and dressed in traditional costume. Today, in spite of their high class, if they are paid properly, they can offer a slightly wider range of services. If the price is right, then you too can have your sexy Transsexual VR Porn star by your side, even as beautiful as the Venus Lux - exotic flower in the VR Bangers' menu of the world's most beautiful Shemales! What else comes to your mind when you're thinking of Japan? Sushi, of course! These delicious fish-rice balls are popular all over the world almost like Italian or American pizza, French baguettes or Polish sausages! They are healthy and quite cheap to prepare, making them one of the best dishes available for anyone who has occasionally fancy some seafood. Why do we actually write about this dish? Well, because when we combine mysterious Japanese culture, beautiful Shemale women, delicious food, and all this in true 360 ​​° / 180 ° stereoscopic virtual reality 3D video in 4K resolution, what will we get? Of course the latest Shemale Virtual Reality Porn movie from! Take Venus Lux for a romantic sushi date, and she, dressed in her beautiful kimono, will repay you by stripping and revealing her oriental secrets before you - protruding breasts, feminine shapes and her beautiful penis! This Shemale geisha, when properly treated, will do anything to please her partner, so you can count on more than just a tea ceremony. If the date goes by your mind, even before the end of the evening, in your VR goggles you will see a beautiful naked Shemale VR Porn star who will kneel in front of you and hold your penis in her mouth, just like it was a piece of the most expensive sushi. And if you'll do your best, you can also count on checking out her narrow, oriental anal - and Asians are said to be among the tightest of all women, so it should be worth it. If you've ever fantasized about having sex with an Asian tranny, then VRB Trans will again fulfill your deepest fantasies - all you need is a VR headset, such as Oculus Rift, GearVR, HTC Vive, PSVR, Daydream or the budget friendly Google Cardboard with a smartphone. So put your visor today and get into this immersive TS VR Porn scene to feel like a medieval samurai, alongside a beautiful Asian girl who will do anything for her man. Love Asian Shemale VR Porn? Visit our main page, over here! Watch Venus Lux's TS VR Porn Videos!