Bailey Paris + Naomi Bennet = New Year TRANSition

date_range January 06, 2018

When the new year begins it is usually really hard to get used to all these changes. From the banal ones like writing the proper year while signing checks, agreements or endorsing packages from a courier; to changes in the existing law coming into effect with the new year that are successfully affecting lives of all of us - transition to a new year is always hard and requires some time until we are all getting along with it. Since at VR Bangers Trans we are always trying to help you out with your everyday problems, we have decided to create a special Shemale VR Porn movie that will address this issue and help you out with your progression this year - and that is exactly why how TRANSition to a New Year got recorded with Bailey Paris and Naomi Bennet doing everything to share their 2018 spirit with you wearing your VR headset. Even though Naomi is a cisgender beauty and does not have a beautiful penis in between her legs, we know that at least some of you simply love watching such threesome TS VR Porn movies, so hopefully you will enjoy viewing this one. You should not complain, really, as Bailey will be there all the time too, waiting to please and satisfy all your Shemale needs. She is one of our newest performers but we believe that you have already loved her, as her profile page is besieged by thousands of you every day. Today with those two aforementioned sluts we will have a small New Year's Eve party with a lot of fucking in multiple positions, naturally including your favorite anal sex and deep sucking on a dick. Girls were having a blast while recording this movie, so should you have it with your VR goggles on your heads and cocks in your hands. In such a perfect triple action with a man, cisgender woman and an ideal hybrid of these two - sexy Transsexual VR Porn star - the possibilities are almost limitless as you can count on taking the initiative by every one of those three sides. You can expect some ass fucking from our male performer to one of those hot vixens, and do not worry - Bailey is gonna fuck some butts as well. There is also some fun with cum included in the very end, since it is a threesome TS Virtual Reality Porn scene, and there are two pairs of tongues and lips to jizz on. Hopefully together with us 2018 will start off just great for you, and you will keep coming back to VR Bangers Trans website, as we are just getting started and are about to record and run even more such quality films for both yours and ours delight. Happy 2018 and keep on banging, bros! Do you prefer some threesome Shemale VR Porn movies over the other ones? Simply visit our main page over here! Watch Bailey Paris' and Naomi Bennet's TS VR Porn Videos!