Happy Valentines with Nikki Vidic and Vinna Reed!

date_range February 11, 2018

Have you ever been to a sauna or a luxurious spa? Such places are the best to celebrate important moments with your loved ones, including spending Valentine's Day with your girlfriend. Even if you're lonely and don't have anybody to commemorate with, VRB Trans are here for you to "lease" you a virtual reality girlfriend in this TS VR porn movie. The scenario is pretty straight: A couple (you, wearing VR goggles, and sexy transsexual Vinna Reed) decided to celebrate their Valentine's Day in sauna, to get massages and clean some toxins from their bodies. Inside a steamy room they've met a Shemale girl, Nikki Vidic, who tries to seduce you and, which is quite interesting, your girlfriend as well. Naturally, at the first glance no one can really tell if you're a tranny or not, but as soon as the pair will discover this secret, things will get even more intensive in this hot threesome Shemale virtual reality porn fantasy. At first, there's only you and Vinna in the room, chilling in the steam and trying to relax in each other's company. Soon after, Nikki enters the room and things get more intensive from the very beginning of her presence. Moments later, Nikky can't hold back herself anymore and proposes you a deal that you can't throw away, saying: “I am a businesswoman who just like you two has a life full of stress and problems. That’s why I've decided to come here on a sex trip and you two seemed just perfect to have some fun together.” And that's the moment when her sexuality stops being a mystery, as she reveals that there's a beautiful cock between her legs, and both you and your girlfriend can now make your fantasies come true in this TS virtual reality porn video - two at the same time, actually, since not only is this a threesome, but also a wonderful chance to bang a truly beautiful transsexual girl for the first time in your life! It may not be a real sex, but TS VR porn movies from VR Bangers are the second best things, as they're so immersive and real-like, that watching them with your virtual reality goggles on your head will give you the best experiences in your whole life. There will be some fucking with both the cis-gender hottie and a trans goddess, you can expect your dick to be sucked up dry by both of the girls, and you can predict that you'll get a chance of cumming on both of the girls' faces - yet we're not confirming that just yet, as we want you to check it out yourself and watch this incredible Shemale VR porn video. So what are you waiting for? Wear your VR goggles and go for it now - you're the only one missing and girls are starting to feel lonely without you already! Would you like to watch some more threesome TS VR porn movies? You will find them on our main page, here. Watch Nikki Vidic's and Vinna Reed's TS VR Porn Videos!