VRB Trans App Now Supports the Gear VR Goggles!

date_range January 16, 2018

Did you know that we actually have the special, dedicated TS VR Porn app, that makes watching our exclusive Shemale VR Porn movies much easier and straightforward? We have announced its' premiere some time ago over here, yet it was first available only for the two most popular VR goggles - the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Today we have some good news that we can finally share with you, as another VR headset is getting its' full support and now you can use the application on your Samsung's Gear VR visor as well! GearVR Promo TS VR Porn We do plan to add even more headsets in the future, we promise, but such development takes a lot of time and you need to be patient and give us some more time. Our TS Virtual Reality Porn movies can be watched at this very moment using the most popular VR visors like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, PS VR, Daydream, Google Cardboard with any advanced smartphone, and the brand new Windows Mixed Reality goggles, yet their use is not supported by the app and you will have to give us a moment longer to make them operate - the works are on the go so do not worry, it is not going to take much time!

What does the VR Bangers' app actually do?

To be fair, it just makes everything so much easier and more straightforward. We know that watching our premium TS VR Porn contents is very enjoyable and simple at the very moment, but we are always trying to make things work even better, as VR Bangers are well known for being innovative and ingenious. But let's get to the details, shall we? The app makes the streaming Shemale VR Porn movies in the high quality available directly through it, or else you can download your favorite videos straight to your hard drive with ease and without any difficulties. So if your Internet connection is rather slow or you simply want to keep the best stuff in your private library for later, it has never been any easier! What else, there is an option of playing some virtual reality files directly from your hard drive, so you can watch anything you want through our sophisticated app, which obviously supports both the videos in 360 and 180 degrees from all sources - this way our application is the only one you will ever going to need on your PC. VRB App Menue The app has plenty of other helpful options as well, like browsing through your beloved categories or sexual positions with ease, flagging some of your favorite TS VR Porn movies and saving them to watch them later, or even picking a unique avatar in your favorite style - and all of that supported with a straight-forward, super-smooth head tracking technology, with which you can control everything using just your own head. You should not have any problems with the application's smoothness, if you have wondered about it, as we have chosen the top VR and video streaming SDKs and used a smart caching system while designing our app, thanks to which this is the quickest application on the market! To download it, simply go over here - and yes, it is completely free off charge! If you are interested in the full list of supported by us VR headsets, or just want to read some more about the Transsexual VR Porn movies related stuff, browse to the TS VR Bangers' main page, as we are adding more content out there every week!