Bianka Nascimento's Surprise for Barra Brass!

date_range November 14, 2017

Have you ever had a roommate? Usually it is very hard to make friends with such a person because while living with them, we get to know them from their worst side. We watch all their bad habits: cleaning, eating or washing clothes and many other everyday activities, which altogether often makes it difficult to establish a better acquaintance with him or her. But what if your roommate is a hot babe like Bianka Nascimento? You should know that she's not an ordinary girl, but a sexy TS VR Porn star! …But such things are really hard to be noticed straightaway – that’s why Barra Brass, Bianka’s unaware roommate and she like each other and spend a lot of time together. They talk about their former relationships, paint their nails together, go shopping together, and even cook each other’s meals or wash their dirty clothes. But Bianka's secret about being a transsexual can’t remain hidden forever - especially since she likes Barra so much that she can no longer withstand it because she’s getting hornier every day! One day when the girls drank a bit too much, Bianka decided to reveal Barra her little secret – and what’s the best method to show the other girl that you don’t have a pussy but a beautiful penis? It's easy! Just show it to her! Bianka approaches Barra, sits down beside her and puts her hand on her thigh saying, "I have to confess something to you. I’ve always liked you, and I know that you are not interested in other women, but what if I told you that I am not an ordinary girl?" Barra replies: "What does that mean? What do you mean?" So Bianka says, "I'm a transsexual. Moreover, I am a Shemale VR Porn star. I have firm breasts and feminine shapes, but there is a beautiful cock between my legs." At first, Barra seems shocked, but it does not take too long, and after all she seems to like what she just heard. The girl says, "I like you too, though I can’t explain it. I never liked girls, but now when I know you are not like others..." Then Barra throws herself at Bianka and starts kissing her passionately. It didn’t take long for girls to begin touching each other when blonde Barra grabs Bianka's hard cock and Bianka is fingering her juicy pussy. This is exactly why the Transsexual VR Porn is better than lesbian porn – we can both enjoy a scene in which two beautiful women caress each other, plus one of them has a penis that she can fuck the other one with! After a quick blowjob that only had to make Bianka's dick wet and hard, Shemale pornstar starts fucking Barra doggy style harder than she’s ever been fucked by any other male. After this adventure, Barra may never want to return to ordinary men, since once you go Shemale... you never go back! Do you want to see if that’s the case and what exactly happened next? Watch the latest scene from VR Bangers! More wet blowjobs can be found on our main page! Watch Barra Brass' and Bianka Nascimento's TS VR Porn Videos!